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7 Ways to Tell if Your Website Needs an Upgrade


With most things that we own we can easily tell when they’ve passed their expiration. Take those favorite shoes of yours for example, yeaaa they’re comfortable but the heels are worn down and the soles are starting to crack! Its time for a new pair! But your website on the other hand may be a little difficult to judge. Your traffic hasn’t gone down and you’re still getting business. Hey, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it…or should you? This article features easily identifiable ways to tell if its time for your website to get an upgrade.

Here Are 7 Ways to Tell if your Website needs an upgrade!

1. Trust your gut.

Instincts are everything, they are what have kept humans alive for thousands of years. Those same instincts seem to work just as well when it comes to your business. If you think your website is too old, then more than likely your website is too old. You’ve been online checking out the competitions website and you’ve asked your self does my website measure up? And the answer is no, it doesn’t. Trust those instincts of yours they are the reason why you’ve been successful thus far!

2. It just doesn’t look fresh anymore.

Take a good look at your website. No, really look at it. Your site may have looked great when you initially launched it, but time has passed, business has been good. And just like your disappearing hair line your good-looking website is now a thing of the past. If this seems like what you’ve experienced as a website owner then maybe it’s time to consider a new website.

3. Your fonts…suck!

The average website is made up of approximately 80 to 90 percent text. That being said, your websites fonts are everything! One of the easiest ways to recognize if your website is out of date is by its font. Is your site in Times New Roman or Georgia? Those fonts are flat out old school and boring and can make your website look out of date. These days there are many great fonts available for websites. Website owners do not have to stick with the basic fonts. If you would like ideas for new fonts to try out on you website, you can find some very good fonts with Google Fonts. Updating the fonts on your website although seemingly a small change can have a big impact on how modern it looks.

4. Your customers start voicing their opinions.

Uh-oh, this is one problem that you don’t want to have as it can potentially affect your bottom line. Complaints that your website is not user-friendly, is a sure indication that something is terribly wrong with your website. Whether it is visually unappealing to your clients or just flat our hard to navigate these pleads for change should not go ignored. Do the right thing and listen to your customers because without them you probably wouldn’t have a website. One great way to pinpoint your websites short comings is to perhaps perform a customer survey. This will tell you what exactly is wrong with your website and allow you to focus on what you need to do to correct these errors.

5. Something about your business has changed.

Has your business recently changed? Are you now offering a different service or adding new services? Maybe your business has changed locations or opened an additional location. If this is the case maybe it’s time for a website upgrade. Part of your responsibility as a website owner is keeping your clients up to date with your business and its offerings. If you’ve recently changed your business in any way, shape or form, then one of the easiest ways to keep your clients up to date is by updating this information on your website. Yes, this may seem like common sense, but how many times have you contacted a service or a website only disappointed to find out that they don’t offer that item or service anymore; despite it still being listed on their website. Don’t be one of those guys! Keep your clients happy by making sure all the info on your website is current.

6. Your website is slow.

In sports a common phrase is; speed kills! Well in the online world the opposite is true…low speed kills! If it takes your website more than 3 seconds to load, then we suggest that your do some page optimization, in order to give your website a boost and load faster. Google provides a great tool that allows you to check your website speed. Google is also using page speed as a ranking factor. Now that you know a little bit more about speed it’s time to rev your websites engine!

7. Your website is not mobile friendly.

Ever tried using a website that just doesn’t load well on your smart phone? But when you visit the website on desktop it works just fine! This is a clear indication that this website is not optimized for mobile. Your clients should be able to access your website no matter which device they are using. If your website is not optimized for mobile this is a correction that needs to be made immediately! Don’t allow your online business to be negatively impacted by not having a mobile friendly website!

Now that you have more insight on what your website may be lacking, take a good look at your website and be honest with yourself. Does your website meet these standards? Does your website need an upgrade? If this is the case, then the experts at Oyedigital Services will gladly assist you and your

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  • Get a High Converting Website to
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    We have everything you need to make customer acquisition a breeze!