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Want to Know What Makes a Great Website? Read Our Guide!

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Have you ever wondered what makes a great website? Then you've come to the right place. Read our guide to learn how to create a stuning website today.

Who’s your right-hand man? 

The Bucky to your Captain America? Brutus to your Caesar? The Frodo to your Sam?

The problem with all of these pairs is that they’re betrayals. In the end, these stories have a huge betrayal. Bucky leaves Captain America, Brutus plots against Caesar, and Frodo abandons Sam for The Ring.

So, who’s your right-hand man? Like we always say, your website should be your salesperson. The one that helps you succeed, grow, and refine your business. Since your website is catered to you, there’s no chance of a betrayal. So what makes a great website? We’ll tell you in this guide.

You can trust us– we know how stressful it is to create a website all on your own. Being independent means struggling for a bit, but you don’t have to anymore.

We’ve compiled our guide to what makes a great website here. Continue reading to see the steps to design your website today!

Keep It Simple

Experiment and check out other companies’ websites. What is a common theme among them? Simple navigation. 

When creating a website, creativity sounds so promising. Sticking out to your clients is important– but don’t do it by switching up the design of your website. Simplicity is key when it comes to your viewers. 

When it comes to navigation, keeping the main controls of your website simple is what’s going to generate a response. Usually, you’ll see a logo in the top left corner, a menu bar in the top right corner, and a contact us/detail bar at the bottom of the page. This is a standard layout for a business website, one that’s universally navigated.

Keeping your navigation simple is what will draw your customers in; maintaining convenience and familiarity.

Designing your website to reflect simplicity will involve choosing one font, several colors, and a theme. A minimalistic layout is both aesthetically pleasing and beneficial– serving the purpose of both easy navigation and a satisfying design.

Keeping navigation simple means that your content will stand out– which brings customers in with your originality.

What Makes a Great Website? Originality

Of course, your brand is your own. It’s original in itself. But the way your website is designed will tell your clients who you are.

Use creative language and content to stand out in your viewer’s mind. You don’t need over-complication on your website such as excess words or changing themes. Instead, effectively use your valuable content and stand out with your originality.

Consider using videos to introduce your brand in a creative format. Placing this video on your homepage or your “About” page will grab viewers’ attention and interest.

Images that convey your company’s values and missions will also take the place of unnecessary words. Using images and videos will capture attention and turn your viewers into customers.

Pop-ups have become a popular way to generate a response. Set pop-ups to remind your reader to subscribe to your newsletter or blog, to contact you, or to check out a new product or service. This will at the very least place a reminder in the back of your viewer’s mind of that pop-up.

These can be effective when used in a way that avoids scam-like messages or topics. Putting your design into a pop-up will show your creativity and will convey a quick but important message to your viewers right away.

Using original content to stand out among your competitors is effective. Instead of resorting to design tactics to stick out, try using your brand’s messages and missions in a creative format to show your customers who you are.

Relevancy Is Key

Nothing’s worse than an outdated website with outdated content.

Having your website reflect the growth of your brand is what it’s there for! Your website strives to communicate to the world what your message is. So make sure that message is relevant.

Upgrading your content, media, and your search engine optimization often will keep the viewers rolling in. If your website becomes outdated, the traffic will cease.

Keeping your website relevant means updating SEO content to reflect the most recent searches in your field, reaching out to those who Google what you specialize in.

Using personalized user experience for your web design will grab your clients quickly– your website is essentially speaking to them in their language. The wonderful thing about using a personalized user experience is that it doesn’t require much work from you at all.

Make It Quick

Keep your website fast. Speed is everything in today’s digital world, with nearly half of viewers expecting websites to load in 2 seconds.

If your website takes too long to load after the first click, chances are that your potential customer will back out and find another website. Investing in the best technology to power your website is worth it for speed and effectiveness.

Stay on top of your website’s speed to make it the most user-friendly it can be.

Take It Everywhere

Mobile web design is now one of the most expected formats you should account for. Google and Bing now penalize websites that don’t have mobile formats– which puts you even further down in the rankings.

Taking the time to design your website for mobile access is super important. This will provide accessibility to your viewers and make it that much easier for customers to find you.

Make a Great Website Yours

Designing a great website takes time and effort. Implementing everything important will require patience but is worth it. You’ve found what makes a great website here, and now you can implement it into your own!

This all seems hard to do on your own, but you don’t have to. The whole point of the World Wide Web is a community– so let us offer you to join ours. (No plot-breaking relationship betrayals here!)

Everything we just addressed in our guide is available through our services. You don’t have to try to handle everything on your own. We’ll work with you to ensure the best services for you and collaborate to create your dream website. Schedule a consultation call with us today– we’ll take it from here!

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    We have everything you need to make customer acquisition a breeze!

  • Get a High Converting Website to
    Fuel Your Business Empire

    We have everything you need to make customer acquisition a breeze!